The One That Got Away


the one that got away
What happens when an open relationship suddenly becomes closed?

"Your relationship with Carrie is very complex. Even after you describing the dynamics in detail I still don't understand it, and getting caught in the middle of it doesn't seem like a healthy choice for me. It would be great to know you more but I don't think now is the time."

It took a little while before Carrie and I were able to talk about the trip in calm, relaxed tones, and without both of us blowing up and accusing each other of being unreasonable. But eventually we got over it together, more or less. And Carrie finally gave me an honest explanation as to why she was so angry about my infatuation with Nancy. The details were a little complicated, of course. But the short version is that she thought I was trying to make Nancy my girlfriend, and naturally, that scared her. My attraction to Nancy, she told me, was quite obviously about something much more than just the possibility of sex. And she was right. It was.


These are the last two sentences from Nancy's email:

"I agree that it would be good to see each other again under different circumstances. Let's keep in touch and I wish you luck also."



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