Men vs. Women, Shopping vs. Sex


Men vs. Women, Shopping vs. Sex
It's a festivus of dubiously sourced studies!

I don't know who is more at fault: web sites that do polls and pass them off as studies, or journalists who utilize polls like studies, but they both have to stop. These tired old paradigms -- that men are sex-crazed beasts, that women are shallow and superficial -- do no one any good and only perpetuate a consumer culture that thrives on fostering women's insecurities and men's sexual prowess. The problem isn't that women think about shopping "too much," or men think about sex "too much" -- the problem is that there's an appetite to both read and write stories that hinge on unproven stereotypes.

To those 575 women who think about shopping every 60 seconds, I hope one of the purchases that crosses their minds is a gosh darn vibrator. Now I'm gonna go think about fucking once a minute for the rest of the day, you silly newspaper.


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