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Yours Truly, Carrie Bradshaw

Yours Truly, Carrie Bradshaw


Love Letter Book Is Still 'TKTK', As We Say in the Biz

carrie and mr. big read in bedProduct placement, you wily devil! The Sex and the City movie succumbed to your charms: at the very least, we noticed the bag, the Louis Vuitton handbag, Starbucks at least twice, and that long extended orgasm over both Vogue magazine and Vivienne Westwood bridal gowns. Clearly you got into our head, because we just assumed that romantic book of love letters that Carrie reads to Mr. Big in bed was, you know, an actual book.

Then The New York Times' Paper Cuts blog noticed on Friday that Love Letters of Great Men is but a figment of New Line Cinema's imagination and yesterday the New York Observer blog wrote, tongue-in-cheek, that the book still hasn't been written yet.

But that hasn't stopped a few lovesick bibliophiles from rocketing a similarly titled book -- Love Letters of Great Men and Women -- to the 169th position on's book sales. Awww, poor saps.



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