What Golf Can Tell You About A Man

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What Golf Can Tell You About A Man
Wondering if he's The One? Five activities that show a man's worth.

But you want to look for more than just how he handles his fears; how he responds to yours can uncover more endearing—and important—character traits.

"If you're fearful and he encourages you, that's indicative of patience in life and in a relationship because there are going to be times when a person is having more of a hard time in life, and then the other person needs to lend a hand," Clampitt says.



What to look for: Confidence

Red flag: Insecurity

Having a man join you for a skate date can either be a fun, free-flowing experience or a day filled with awkward movements and jittery falls. But dating experts say it's less about how he navigates the rink, and more about how he navigates himself that matters here.

Clampitt recalls a man telling her that he likes to take women ice skating and then pretends he's going to push them—just to see how they'll react.

"I think that's annoying and obnoxious," Clampitt says. "It's also an indicator that he's insecure, wants attention and is almost socially awkward."

Now, if the guy is the one who tumbles, notice whether he takes it too seriously (and slinks out of the rink with a bruised ego) or if he simply laughs it off.

"I think how he handles it is an indication of how he'll take the falls in life," Clampitt says.

For Moreau, taking a fall ultimately allowed her to fall in love. Although she recently broke up with her boyfriend to relocate, he has remained one of her best friends.

"I could also see myself possibly marrying him in the future," Moreau says. "For five years of my life, it was a great time. And to think I probably would not have even gone out with him again, if that [touch football] date had not been so telling."

Love-life experts say it's all about revealing character early on, so you can jump over the jerks and find the gems—the ones you may have otherwise overlooked.

"All the answers you need lie in those first few dates," Beyer says, "if you're really paying attention."

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