What Golf Can Tell You About A Man

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What Golf Can Tell You About A Man
Wondering if he's The One? Five activities that show a man's worth.

"If he's going to give up on the golf course, he's going to give up on you," Beyer cautions.



What to look for: Playfulness

Red flag: Rigidity

Bowling is supposed to be fun, even a bit silly. How can you not laugh at yourself, especially in those hilariously hideous shoes?

Although your date doesn't have to be a comedian, taking himself too seriously at the bowling alley is a red flag.

"It's not so important that you find someone who's funny," Beyer says. "It is important to be with someone who can laugh through life because that's what keeps couples together for years and years."


What to look for: Helpfulness

Red flag: Controlling

Tennis is one of the most interactive dates. Even just hitting the ball around can show a man's sense of fair play. You'll learn whether he always has to win, or if having fun and getting to know you trumps his ego.

"Pay attention to whether he's helpful and kind about the way he's serving and score-keeping," Clampitt says. "You'll learn a lot if he's saying things like, 'I'm blowing you away, sucker!' instead of 'Let's just hit a couple rounds and see how we do.'"

Also, watch the way he handles himself if your skills are unevenly matched.

"If you're not playing as well as him and he helps you with your serve or teaches you, that's a good sign," Beyer says.


What to look for: Patience

Red flag: Dismissive

Horseback riding is Beyer's favorite activity to recommend for a date because it reveals critical qualities in a life partner. In fact, one of her clients recently captured the attention of a woman only after he was thrown from a horse and then got right back on.

"She wasn't that interested in the beginning, but then she saw how he handled it, that he didn't scream at the horse or the guides," Beyer recalls. "He was patient and fair when he got back to the stables. It really impressed her."

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