What Golf Can Tell You About A Man

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What Golf Can Tell You About A Man
Wondering if he's The One? Five activities that show a man's worth.

When Le'Anne Moreau agreed to a date involving touch football, she had already assumed the guy wasn't a good match for her. He was too shy and not adventurous enough. But out on the field, her thoughts were intercepted when she tripped and sprained her ankle. That's when he sprang into action.

"He picked me up and brought me ice," Moreau recalls. "The date should have been over. Instead, he bought a picnic and brought it to me." What could have been a disastrous date stretched into the evening and morphed into a five-year relationship.


"The date showed not only how fun and adventurous he really was, but also how sweet and caring," says Moreau, 28.

Love-life experts say activity dates can quickly reveal a man's personality and character. So, the next time a guy invites you for a drink, why not suggest an out-of-the-bar experience instead?

Here, dating coaches share the secrets of character-revealing dates —and the signs to look for when you're looking for love.


What to look for: Chivalry

Red flag: Temper

Considered the ultimate gentleman's sport, a round of golf will showcase a man's manners. For example, if you're teetering from the heft of your golf bag, does he offer to carry it? It's all about etiquette on the golf course.

"If you look at the top players in golf, they're very elegant. It's not a rough and sweaty sport," says April Beyer, a Los Angeles-based matchmaker and dating coach "This is where a man reveals how much of a gentleman he is."

If he's losing, notice whether he throws a tantrum or is a good sport. If you're the novice, pay attention to whether he steps back to help you.

"I've even seen people over-penalize themselves to fall behind so they can be on the same level as the other person," says Lisa Clampitt, President of VIP Life, a matchmaking service in New York City. "I think that's a sweet gesture."

As one of the most mentally challenging sports, golf also requires focus. If your date loses concentration fast or gives up too easily—not a good sign.

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