How To Be A Better Kisser

By YourTango

the art of kissing
Kissing dos and don'ts men want you to know.


Tip #5: Get a little kinky.


For adventurous kissers, there are some moves you can make that will completely rock his world. Just beware – not all men are into the same things, so feel him out first.

"I love it when a woman will move her hands up my shirt and play with my nipple," said Steve.

"It makes a kiss so much better when a girl reaches down, grabs what's arising in my pants and strokes and squeezes me while she kisses," said David, 31.

While you're exploring, be on the alert for any no-fly zones.

"Do not kiss me below the thighs. No thank you," said Earl, 27.

Tip #6: Drop the balm on him.

Maintenance is key. If you know you're heading for seven minutes in heaven, make them kissable by prepping with lip balm or a light (read: non-sticky) gloss.

"Make your lips look appealing. Use lipstick, lip balm or moisturizer," said Luigi, 30

"Ladies, moisturize your lips on a frequent basis. Use lip balm, beeswax, whatever. Just make darn sure they're not chapped," instructed James, 29.

Tip #7: Choose wisely.

For a kiss to be truly great, there has to be both a physical and a mental connection between the two people.

"Great kisses start with conversation. From the intonation of phrases uttered and the innuendo of words spoken to the restrained desire in the eyes," said Cecyl.

Tip #8: Get out of your head.

A perfect kiss is something that can't be planned.

"The best part of a kiss is the moment before the kiss. What women can do is let the guy play out that second. Most women won't," said Richard, 28.

"What makes a great kiss is spontaneity. Almost like it never crossed either of your minds before that moment," said Ron, 25.

Tip #9: How NOT to kiss.

When asked about their worst-ever kisses more than one man mentioned a situation where a lip lock ended with the woman either burping or vomiting. Here are some other kissing don'ts:

"You should never have bad breath or taste like smoke, garlic or anything other than fresh and clean." Scott, 38

"The worst thing a woman could do is just not participate. Her body language speaks volumes." Max, 32

"Dead fish kisses are the worst. Dead fish kissers are women who show no passion, who expect men to kiss them instead of two people kissing one another." Cecyl

"A bad kiss is when a girl kisses you because 'it's the right thing to do'." Michael, 26