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Good & Bad Engagement Vids


Sometimes getting her to say yes is all in the approach.

It's Friday afternoon and it feels like summer outside, so we thought we'd start just winding things down for the weekend. Judging by the number of views, you've probably seen this guy at a Houston Rockets game propose:

We're having a hard time determining if that proposal cum rejection was fake or not. Either way Tracy McGrady thought it was pretty funny. The NBA, it's faaaaaaaaaaaantastic. Note to whomever, proposing at a sporting event is lame sauce unless you get the cheerleaders to spell it with cards. The new hot hot is reprogramming a video game.Or like these guys.

OK, so public proposals are a touch gauche, this was pretty excellent. Work, sorry we're big fans of Top Gun. We also just noticed that no matter how bad people's voices are, it sounds much better with a group. Chorus teachers are on to something. Yep, getting her to say yes is all in the approach. Plus no one can say no to a fighter pilot. A dude that thinks it's cool to propose at a Rockets game? Not so much.


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