A Few Steps Back In Gay Rights


A Few Steps Back In Gay Rights
Three cases highlighted that not everyone is comfortable with the gays.

And 2 Seattle Mariners fans are upset with their treatment by the organization. MSN reports that Sirbrina Guerrero and her date were tossed out of a game in late May because they were making out, possibly with petting. The game resulted in a 3-5 loss to the lame Boston Red Sox and could possible result in a lawsuit for the M's for discrimination against the lesbian kiss. The official line is that no one is really supposed to be getting their swerve on at a ball game (unless they're in a luxury box, there you can do coke off a strippers hip while burning American flags in bald eagle nests while having sex with al Qaeda). But the Usher told them that a woman complained for the sake of the children. Isn't watching two gals make out America's favorite past time (more people probably watch Girls Gone Wild than the All Star Games combined)? That's usually a way to get the biggest cheer almost anywhere there's a bunch of dudes (like at a sporting event). Haven't hardcore fans in Seattle suffered enough with the Seahawks Super Bowl loss and the Sonics skipping town and A-Rod, Griffey, and Randy Johnson leaving for greener pastures?

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