Wedding Movies To Watch Together

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Wedding Movies To Watch Together
Ladies enjoy action movies, why can't dudes love a wedding movie?

There are two words that make most men cringe: Wedding Season. Why is that? Is it a fear of commitment? Is it a desire to avoid the battle between Bridezilla and Momthra? We're not entirely sure, so we put together a list of movies that you and your guy can watch together. They prove that weddings aren't necessarily the beginning of the end, and they can even be fun.

In order to make the list, the movie had to be mostly about a wedding (or series of weddings), it can't just have a tacked on wedding at the end (like the latest installment of certain adventure-archeology series). Also, the movie has to be something that a straight guy would watch with one of his buddies (buffer seat optional).


5) Honeymoon In Vegas

Before there was Indecent Proposal, Nicolas Cage and Sarah Jessica Parker were approached with an offer they couldn't refuse. Cage stars as a commitment-phobe who gets browbeaten by SJP into a Vegas wedding (hmmm, sounds familiar . . . ). From there things go sideways, James Caan winds up winning SJP for 2 days, and Mr. Miyagi runs interference while Cage tries to get her back. Nic ultimately triumphs with the help of the Flying Elvises, Utah Chapter and a lil' Nevada wedding chapel. Weird that a Nicolas Cage movie ends up with hundreds of Elvis impersonators. Or in Las Vegas, he just can't escape that place.

4) Father Of The Bride

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