Donaghy Does Divorce

Donaghy Does Divorce

Alec Baldwin to write about the difficulty of divorce.

TV's greatest executive and one-time embarrassing voicemail leaver, Alec Baldwin is coming out with a book about divorce. According to Digital Spy, Baldwin's book, entitled A Promise To Ourselves, will not be an attack on Kim Basinger though it would be great if it provided a clue as to how to pronounce "Basinger." Baldwin's voicemail, in which he referred to his daughter, 11, as "a rude, thoughtless little pig," prompted him to do some ass-covering and talk about his difficult divorce (and life) with Kim Basinger. Maybe he and Eminem can make a show about women they hate/love/hate named Kim. We'd watch that. And because we've run out of things to say, enjoy Baldwin as a British press secretary dancing around the issue of Prince Charles's sexuality.


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