Man Climbs In Morgue With Girlf

Man Climbs In Morgue With Girlf

A Taiwanese man wasn't going to let a thing like death get in his way.

Equal parts creepy and heartbreaking. According to Reuters, a man from Taipei (Taiwan's capital) was so devastated by his girlfriend's death that he wanted to join her. Understandable, right? But he decided that he would rather join her in a physical sense before joining in the spiritual sense. So, he climbed into her morgue freezer for a little cuddle. A tech noticed that the temperature was unusually high in that room and investigated. As you can imagine, she was pretty shaken up by what she saw. You would think that morgue technicians would always have to be on the look out for people playing pranks on them. You would also imagine that they have to be on the look out for people attempting to sleep with bodies... sleep with a dead body once, shame on you, sleep with a dead body twice, shame on me. You know?

Hopefully, this guy will get the help he needs and it's probably a good idea to hide all of the shovels for a couple of months.
We think we're going to read Where The Red Fern Grows again.


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