My Crazy Dad Has Doomed My Love Life

By YourTango

My Crazy Dad Has Doomed My Love Life
Do we really seek men like our fathers? A comic tale of hit or miss dating.

When it gets too cold to roller blade, he skis. Well, sort of. Strapping on his helmet and a pair of skis that he obtained from another Vietnam vet who he claims "owed me a favor," he takes to the mountains of upstate New York.

Wielding his Disabled American Veterans' pass that he got for, well, getting shot, he skis free at some resorts and gets discounts at others. Claiming that he braves "the scariest mountains that are sheets of ice," he doesn't use poles and simply places his body in a cannonball position and takes off.


Naturally, I once asked, "What if you hit someone?"

This caused him to smirk and recount how he hit what he described as a young, chubby girl, referring to her as "sweetheart." Apparently Sweetheart didn't understand my father's command of "Left!" which he claims is ski lingo for "I'm passing on your left at a very high speed. I see you. Don't move."

Sweetheart either panicked or misunderstood and skied left into my father's path. Their skis became intertwined, and my father landed unscathed with a giant thud. Sweetheart wasn't so lucky, as my father had fallen on top of her. To add insult to injury, Sweetheart was down her front teeth, half-conscious and covered with snow. My father pointed out that he was thoughtful to stay with Sweetheart until the ski patrol sped over. He added that they had seen everything and exonerated him from blame, saying that she had had fair warning. When I asked if he knew what happened to Sweetheart, he said, "Not my problem."

So far, the closest I've come to a relationship is a short fling with a quirky comedy writer who hid a flask in his sock and hung purple plastic grapes from his ceiling, referring to it as "the grotto," and another with a man I met on Jdate whom I called my "virtual boyfriend." On text message, he'd wax romantic sending me electronic prose that read, "Hello, my gorgeous." In person he laughed like Beavis and Butthead and shared with me his past conquests, among them an overweight girl who, in his words, "I did when I was wasted."

So whom am I going to bring home to my father? Not his problem.