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Idol Winner David Cook Dates Old Idol


American Idol stars David Cook and Kimberly Caldwell are dating.

According to OK! Magazine an American Idol dynasty could be in the making. This year's winner, David Cook, who slew the pint-sized juggernaut David Archuleta, is dating Season 2 competitor Kimberly Caldwell. We hope this isn’t like the spring break-themed American Idol movie From Justin To Kelly. That was the nadir in the careers of Kelly Clarkson and, surprisingly, Justin Guarani.

Cook has to be on top of the world and having the "Time Of My Life." But this is a good step for Caldwell. Her career has been flagging slightly as she and the country band Big And Rich try to put together her album. She has gotten the acting bug with a turn in the brilliant but canceled Life On A Stick (a Fox show about kids working at a food court) and Wrong Turn 2 (her leg is eaten, Henry Rollins is somehow involved).

We hope this relationship works out and is not in any way contrived. But this brings up a big question: Do Idol contestants owe their first born to Simon Cowell (or left nut/ovary)? If not, he definitely gets primae noctis.


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