Spring Fervor

Spring Fervor

Spring is here!  In Minnesota, this is a big deal.  More so this year it seems; winter dragged on forever.  (Maybe we say this every year.)  The sunshine and warmth has me feeling great:  I’m happier, funnier, friskier, kinder, sexier.  In fact, I feel lighter somehow (despite the pounds I put on post-Caribbean-vacation).  Is this the work of sunshine?

I spent almost the entire weekend outside.  I shopped (greenhouses), planted, mulched, cleaned up fall debris, etc….  It was relaxing, invigorating, and satisfying.  The only thing missing was my husband.  And miss him I did and do.

Steve’s been super busy – day and night: he’s recording a CD, playing and engineering and planning/publicizing the release concert.  So I haven’t seen much of him for weeks.  We’ve shared a few meals and a few walks and met up in bed a few times, but other than that, zip. Nada.  And as we get into spring, that’s becoming harder to take.

There are all sorts of projects on hold that need his expertise or strength (i.e. getting the deck furniture out of storage/installing a railing/making a fire pit/finishing steps/on and on).  So I am waiting patiently.  Or maybe not so patiently.  But at least, because of the sun’s positive influence, my impatience is not turning into anything more nasty.

Note: Actually the friskiness (uhhh, randiness?) is winning out on almost every other emotion/action (well, except when exhausted, then sleep is still trumping everything…).  Oh, how I love spring!  Maybe I’ll install in our bedroom one of those lights that mimic sunlight next winter.

Anyway, over this Memorial Day weekend, besides some practices and gigs (we both have them), we are spending time at home.  We are going to tackle some outside projects together, and I couldn’t be more excited (is this kind of pathetic??).  I really love working side-by-side with my husband; particularly on outdoor physical tasks.  Now that I think about it, I’d rather do this than go to a movie, out to dinner or to a show.  I don’t really get it. (If you have any answers, please let me know)

Along with the work, and maybe this has something to do with my affinity for it, there will be Coronas and lime, maybe some pain-killers, some great meat to grill, a summer pasta salad, warmth (praying) and sunshine (my fingers are crossed – covering all bases) this week-end.  All this with a layer of flirting and frisky over it all…..I can’t wait.

Have a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend.

This concludes another view from my married life.


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