What Do Men Think About Going Down?

By YourTango

What Do Men Think About Going Down?
What do guys think about performing oral? Never? When necessary? Or love it?

It's hard not to feel guilty when they're down there for a long time, isn't it? Not that we're not enjoying it. But how do you know if getting you off is turning him on or if he's just taking one for the team? We asked men: "What do you think about going down?"

"Love it! All day. It's the best. It's all power."
--John, 36, Actor

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"It's cool, till you get the lock jaw, then you just want it to end."
--John, 32, Professor

"Gotta give some if you wanna get some."
--Adam, 28, Carpenter

"It's good... for 75% of the year."
--Joe, 36, Attorney

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"I love it! I could do it all day! It's endlessly fascinating."
--Marc, 38, Child psychologist

"I'm all about it as long as it's hygienic. And reciprocated."
--Andy, 32, Police officer

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