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Survey: NY Men More Likely To Cheat

A NY Post survey shows men cheat twice as much as women.

We're surprised that this story didn't come from the Chicago Tribune or the Boston Herald or the LA Times or any other city that's jealous of New York. Nope, according to the New York Post, men in NYC are twice as likely to cheat as NYC women. Per the survey, 28% of men in a committed or married relationship have or are currently cheated. They go on to break down the percentages of that would forgive (men were slightly more likely to forgive, boys will be boys). They also describe the number of people that have checked email, followed a suspected cheater, or hired a private dick (do with that what you will) and all the statistics were surprisingly low.

So, why are these men cheating? Was Eliot Spitzer just following a popular trend to better understand his constituency? Did the survey take place in NY's infamous infidelity district? Are New York men just more familiar with Craigslist and Facebook? We're pretty sure that it wasn't like this before Sex And The City and women from middle America are traveling to the city to have a real Manhattan affair and male residents are too hospitable to turn them down. That's the ticket.


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