Guy-Approved Seduction Tips

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Guy-Approved Seduction Tips
Seduce the right guy, the right way.

Warning: Cook like his mom, but don't smell like his mom. Find a unique perfume that smells all-girl. And most importantly, don't confuse "supportive" with "vapid." Make jokes, show some spirit, and don't overdo it. If there's a small something you don’t like about him, don't lie; turn it into a positive. If he's pudgy, call him your "pudgy bear." Then have crazy sex with him.

The Nerd
The Guy: Forget coy smiles from across the bar; this guy won't approach you. In his mind he's still the skinny dork standing on the sidelines of the school dance.


The Approach: Chum it up. Laugh at his jokes, don't wear make-up, be a dork. It's cool with him. This is a good guy who want a real girl. Also, comment on how smart he is. He thinks his brain is his best feature, so make it seem sexy. And use the following phrase: "You are really cute, I love your (insert desirable quality here)." He'll fall all over himself if he thinks you might give him the rock-star sex that he spends good money to watch on the internet. But be careful: these guys make great best friends, but move from "buddy" to "relationship" quickly or you could slip into the "best-friend-with benefits" zone.

Warning: These guys usually have a hobby or interest you don't understand--RPG's, Lord of the Rings obsessions, Fantasy Football, whatever. Don't mock it.. If you don't get it, fine. Just be supportive. If you happen to love it, too, then dress up in Star Trek outfits and role-play your way to Geek Love.

The Bad Boy
The Guy: Hot, interesting, mysterious and full of possibilities... the ultimate diamond in the rough. This guy is unpredictable, and no matter how many times he forgets to call or  issues last minute invitations, there is a certain brilliance and sensitivity and excitement about him. Or so you say.

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