Guy-Approved Seduction Tips

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Guy-Approved Seduction Tips
Seduce the right guy, the right way.

The Baller
The Guy: Whether he loves football or baseball, basketball or soccer or rugby, his dream girl is a sexy, fun, low-maintenance, bust-open-a-beer cheerleader for "Team Him." He loves the gym, loves sports, and will wear his team's jerseys to your grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary party.
The Approach: In his mind, he's a big league athlete, so compliment his physique, and be specific ("You have great triceps"). He spends time on this, and he’ll be psyched you noticed. Lots of  arm-touching and bicep squeezing is good; make him feel strong (Hint: We love it when you say, "Can you open this?") Drink a beer, not a martini, and ask him to play a game of darts or pool. Even if you suck, he'll love teaching you the game. It's also a great place for physical contact. "And ask him if he ever played sports," said Mark, 31, to grunts of approval all around. "We love that."

The Warning: You may always play second fiddle to the gym or his favorite sports team, and Sunday afternoon could be really frustrating for you. If he doesn't give up Sunday afternoon or Monday Night Football for you when you're dating, he  never will. Kids won't change it either; he'll want to teach them to love the Jets/Bulls/Yankees as much as he does.


The Big Daddy
The Guy: This guy doesn't just think of himself as a man, he thinks of himself as The Man, and you should, too. He loves women, but not in the most modern, equality-driven way, and he wants his girlfriend (or wife) to be sexy.

The Approach: Be hot, but don't dress in the "screw-me" dress or that's all you'll get. "It's all about the first look," says Bechir, "an outfit that compliments you best feature: breasts, ass, legs, whatever you got. Look good with just a hint of 'freak' that might be his later. This is a dog, give him a little bone!"   Let him talk about himself, because this guy values a supportive woman more than an intellectual one. "I want a loyal woman who is gonna take care of me when it counts ," says Hector, 27, "the kitchen and the bedroom." Two guys high-five behind him, but I look a little uncomfortable until Hector's friend jumps in: "Cook him dinner! If you cook like his mom, you're in!"

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