How to go from 'Having Sex' to 'Making Love'

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How to go from 'Having Sex' to 'Making Love'
Using Tantric sex principles one can use sex to increase closeness.

Tantra brings poetry to lovemaking. When my beloved caresses my face, and our eyes meet and we breathe together and acknowledge our rising passion, sense our hearts joining and our spirits soaring, the energy rising through the power centers of our bodies, this is Tantra.

Some spiritual paths teach us to deny, to say not this, not that. They teach that who we are is not the body, not the mind, not our actions, not our thoughts. Stripped of what we are not, these paths allow us to see the emergence of who we may be. Tantra teaches us to say YES! to this, YES! to that. I smell the rose and I am that experience, my lover touches me and I am that experience, there is nothing that I am not, I am everything. All experience can be a doorway to who I am, provided I focus on the experience itself, with the intention of energetic awareness.


To learn and benefit deeply from Tantra, we must practice being still, undistracted.

To make love in the Tantra way means to be fully present, to allow each moment to be the entire experience. In Tantric lovemaking, there is no goal, no race toward release or
orgasm. Instead, there is complete attention to each touch, each breath, each movement of energy.

Every moment in our lives can be shaped by Tantra, can be lived in fullness and acceptance. We can learn to say YES! to each moment.

We need to do more than just make time to smell the roses. We need to learn how to let the scent permeate into our belly, deepening our breath and opening our heart to the expansiveness of spiritual experience.

Generally our minds, our thoughts, are constantly darting here and there. Our lives are structured around busy-ness, not around living in the moment. Sometimes while we are skiing or snorkeling, playing piano or violin, the world does disappear, leaving only the intention of the moment. That is the attraction of these pursuits. They require training and practice, and are designed to take place in a zone outside of daily living.

Tantra provides a way of living daily in that zone, as you enjoy exploring intimacy with your beloved! Sacred Sexuality is a training, a practice. It can transform your relationship into a love affair!

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