10 Great Dates You Haven’t Thought Of Yet


10 great ideas
Creative dates that will keep your relationship interesting.

Take a ride. Nothing gets the blood pumping and the endorphins flowing like an encounter with the unpredictable (and no, we're not talking his mother). Check in your area for the opportunity to ride—horses, a hot air balloon, four-wheelers, motorcycles, or the bumper cars at a carnival. You may even end up at the local car dealership to test drive a car you have no intention of buying! The point is to go on an adventure together and do something that might be a little dangerous, scary or silly, something you wouldn't dream of doing on your own. How To Have Sex In A Car

Whip something up. Okay, so maybe the closest you usually get to the kitchen is watching the Food Network. But when you team up with a partner, cooking can be fun (and if the meal is disastrous, both parties get equal blame). Take a cooking class together to learn how to prepare a few dishes, and set up a second date to try them yourselves at home. No classes nearby? Collect a couple of recipes online or from a cookbook at the library, and prepare them together (grocery shopping included). You'll learn teamwork and, hopefully, eat a fantastic meal in the end. Easy Recipes For Every Day of The Week

Gamble a day away. Visit a nearby racetrack to watch the ponies run. For a few dollars, you'll gain all-day admission to the races, and you can bet on each race for as little as a buck. If you're not the gambling type, instead watch the horses in the stables as they're prepped for a race, grab lunch at the racetrack's restaurant that overlooks the action, or make friendly wagers between yourselves without betting any money (i.e., If No. 2 wins, I get a full-body massage later—with those stakes, no one loses!). Fun And Free: Gambling For Favors

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