Getting Revenge On Your Ex: Is It Worth It?


Getting Revenge On Your Ex: Is It Worth It?
Why do some women exact revenge? One woman explores the phenomena of the crazy ex.

"I was a young, jealous girl looking to get back at a guy and I happened to have a gal pal who was willing to help," she explains. While she doesn’t believe she would do something similar again, she has no regrets. "I [would] like to believe that the hours he spent scrubbing that car down made up for some of the hours that we, teeny bopper girls, spent bawling over him." 

Noelle’s motivation fits in with patterns that Alpert has seen in practice. He explains, "Motivation for revenge might be to get even, prove a point, teach a lesson, have the last word, maintain a presence in the other’s person life in an unhealthy way, manipulate, or control his/her ex following the relationship."


Even celebrities are not immune to the actions of vengeful exes at the demise of their relationships. There are a number of recently bitter break-ups that remain notable —  none more so than the divorce battle between Paul McCartney and Heather Mills. Mills has consistently trashed McCartney to the press including claims that he was abusive to her during their marriage and made derogatory comments about her prosthetic leg. Upon the finality of their divorce, Mills took to the media again to comment on reports of the new women rumored to be in McCartney’s life. "I think he’s got three different girlfriends," she told Britain’s GMTV. "Better them than me."

So, are vengeful exes just a reality of life? Am I constantly going to need to be in fear that the apartment stalker is waiting for us at every return? Because so much of the root for revenge is the result of unresolved issues from the relationships, I might be out of luck since baggage from past relationships is virtually unavoidable. I guess I’ll just have to keep an extra granola bar in my bag, just in case. 

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