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A Fairy Tale in Queens, NY


Glimpse into the life and home of a happy NYC couple.

For those unfamiliar with Queens: the largest of Manhattan's five boroughs is known more for airports, delicious ethnic food and the unreliable 7 subway train than for farms and Hollywood love stories.

Yet, The New York Times on Sunday featured an adorable couple who met online, whose names mean the same thing ("free man" and "free woman") in their respective languages of origin, who have a cute newborn and who live in their "dream home," a farmhouse-like brownstone in a neighbor-friendly 'hood on the Brooklyn/Queens border. Oh, and, the husband refurbished the place himself, and they share a love of children's books. And, no, this is not the latest romantic comedy box office hit.

You'd love to hate them if you were in the habit of doing so, but I say there's nothing wrong with a little ogling now and again to remind ourselves that fairy tales do come true. Cute couples do find bliss in farmhouses in New York City.

Cue the flying pig and read the rest of the story here.


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