Living With An STD

Living With An STD

He has HPV, she has herpes and together they are trying to make it work.

The reality of living with an STD is a painful one, and one that people deal with everyday. The American Social Health Association reports that more than half of all people will contract an STD at some point in their lives, so how do couples make it work when their love can literally be painful or plagued with disease?

After contracting herpes from having oral sex with her then boyfriend, one writer on describes her journey trying to understand her STD and find love. She meets Mike (he has HPV and she has herpes) and together they try to make it work through honesty and protection.

"Today, I dread the idea of not being with him, but not because I'm afraid of telling people anymore. We've have been together for about three years now, have more sex in more ways than anyone we know, and are both still free of each other's viruses. I've had two mild, almost invisible outbreaks since my initial infection over four years ago. I get regular Paps and the full gamut of tests. We want to marry, maybe have a kid. We have talked about herpes and risks to the baby at childbirth, and HPV's link to cervical cancer. Sometimes, we don't think about any of it, until we're reminded.

Through their physical pain and insecurity the couple finds strength and partnership and build a love that sustains them both. I think this is a good lesson to learn, no matter what you face as a couple. But that is just my humble opinion.

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