How To Handle Your Partner's Health Problems


How To Handle Your Partner's Health Problems
Dating with disease calls on extraordinary compassion and support from a partner.

When we met I was a hospice nurse and managed the local office. Right after we got married and returned from our honeymoon my disease took over my body full force; I haven't been able to work since. There was a period of time when I required total care and he never once complained about bathing, changing and feeding me, in addition to doing everything around the house.

I am now on disability and, even though I can do many things for myself now, I still require a lot of assistance. Our entire married life has been consumed by this disease, numerous trips to doctors and hospitals and mounting bills that we cannot pay. He is still here with me, reminding me daily how much he loves me.

Together we have faced each health difficulty head-on, and so far we have managed to get through them all. I don't know how I would have managed this past year without his love, support and undying devotion to me and our marriage. When we said "in sickness and in health, till death do us part," we not only meant it; we live it every day.

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