The Key to a Happy Marriage?

The Key to a Happy Marriage?
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Hold off on the kids, says one study.

According to the ongoing research at the University of Iowa, newlyweds experienced a significant drop in marital satisfaction in the first year of parenthood, says the Times Online. In fact, the decline is far more severe in couples with a new baby than in newlyweds without children.

Couples who were happiest as newlyweds experienced the greatest drop in wedded bliss after baby arrived. Ugh.

Okay, okay. There is some good news. Researchers noted that satisfaction levels returned to normal by the time the baby reaches 18 months.

Says the piece:
"The initial adjustment of parenthood shakes the foundation of the marriage for a year or so. But as couples go through it, it's helpful to know that it's temporary."

So how does this help us? The article says getting through the three-year newlywed period sans kids will set up the whole fam for a better life all around. Sounds like a plan to us.


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