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Spencer’s Advice On Anal

spencer pratt

Spencer Pratt tell readers they'll know when their partner is ready for anal.

As you may know, Radar had an advice column in their magazine in which Spencer Pratt, villain of The Hills, doles out relationship advice. The move is designed, we guess, to capitalize on the popularity of The Hills, increase Pratt's ubiquity, and ride this 15 minutes into the ground. The NHL (National Hockey League) has done a similar deal with Lauren Conrad (LC!), the arch frenemy of Pratt's girlf, Heidi Montag. And you either like LC! or you like Montag. Or neither. But not both.

In this installment, Spencer gets asked about how to broach the subject of backdoor entry. And his rap on is that you'll probably know right away if the other person is into it. And if you don't feel like asking you can just explore… digitally (think about it).

We think you could just ask the other person then bargain then beg then resent like everyone else does.

How disappointing. We want our celebrity advice to either be really good or really bad. This middle of the road advice is not even worth reading.


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