4 Tips For Deflating Fights


4 Tips For Deflating Fights
Building a strong relationship involves accepting differences.

Here are four steps we can take to assure that we are understanding and accepting our spousal differences:

1. Actively listen to one another when a conflict occurs.


2. Make an effort to clearly state our way and paraphrase their different way back to them.

3. Understand definitions that each other may hold, since sometimes we are saying the same thing in different ways.

4. Keep personal attacks completely out of the picture and always try to speak with love and kindness in our voices rather than harsh aggravated tones.

Accepting our differences will allow us to love our partners for the people they are and appreciate the value that they bring to the relationship. There will always be times when we disagree, but loving our spouse despite those differences can separate a great marriage from a failed one.

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