What Really Turns Men Off

What Really Turns Men Off

Men tell it straight about what really bugs them about women.

iVillage has compiled a list of the top ten things that women do that really turn a guy off and no, it's not your predilection toward romantic comedies, although that might fall under number four, don't become too emotional. Number nine on the list is, don't pretend to be virtuous.

"A recurring theme among many women is that they try to place themselves under a "holier than thou" light, never admitting that they fooled around or dividing their number of boyfriends by five. Now, we applaud those ladies who truly are innocent and pure, but the rest should stop trying to water down their past. Women are allowed to have just as much fun as guys, and they should find a man who can appreciate that."

Amen. This might as well be a list of things that turn all people off, except number three, shopping. The article has great tips to keep in mind. But, if you fail, it's good to keep things in perspective. The article states: "In the grand scheme of things, women's annoying habits aren't that bad. Chances are you'll adapt to them in time, as will she when it comes to your annoying tendencies. Nobody's perfect, and I think that's something we can all agree on."

Number one, is when women use sex as a weapon. Which is true, some things shouldn't be used to manipulate your partner. There are better ways to get him, like cranking up the AC or leaving all the lights on all day, every day.

Missing from this comprehensive list is acting like Holly Golightly (from the film version), which according to David Itzkoff, "there’s something about Holly that preys on every man's worst fears about feminine capriciousness." For more insight into the male mind watch the "That's What He Said" video all about the type of women men love. Although in the end isn't it about finding a guy who likes you and not changing to make men like you? Or am I confused?

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