Do Men Like The Chase?

Do Men Like The Chase?

To pursue or to be pursued? Men try to answer the age-old question.

If we take our cues from Axe commercials, men really, really want mobs of nearly naked women to chase them down and rip their clothes off. But there is danger in taking advice from Axe commercials, just as there is danger in actually using Axe, because it smells like an overripe Junior High dance. So when you meet a great guy (who is probably not wearing Axe), iVillage’s "Mr. Man" column takes on this question with a refreshing no-nonsense perspective. "If you're already in a relationship with a guy," says Mr. Man, "the answer is yes, men love it when the woman makes the first move. It's exciting, makes the man feel wanted and allows him to express himself more confidently as things progress." That's good news for women with a man, however, Mr. Man warns women at the beginning of a relationship to take it slow and offers some things you can do to hurry it up without freaking him out the door. Here are some of the things Mr. Man recommends:

Shower him with approval. Laugh at his jokes. Look him in the eyes and smile. Respond positively to the things he says. Men find all these things encouraging.

If the conversation lulls, let it. Guys generally get silent before they bust a move -- don't chase the moment away.

Ask a totally provocative question. How are you at foot rubs? Are you a good kisser? What time do you have to get up? You get the idea

But do all men agree? This Tango video tracked down men on the street to find out what they really think about "The Chase" and the 3-day rule. Or you could make things easier on yourself and just do what Axe tells you to do.

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