Do Successful Women Intimidate Men?

By YourTango

Do Successful Women Intimidate Men?
Are smart, successful women intimidating? We asked men what they think.

And for some, the answer is not so simple. "The real problem may be considering women who are unmarried to be failures," says Mark Anderson, 42. "We don't usually think of unmarried guys in this way, if their lives are going well otherwise.  Especially if they are very successful in other ways.

Yet, while there are no clear answers, it is evident that as society grows and changes the issue of how men and women interact is an ever evolving and complicated one. Women today lead richer lives and settle down for love and companionship, rather than out of social pressure or economic necessity.


And the good news is, some men find this to be a good thing. Says Christopherson, "There are many men who are attracted (both sexually and socially) to strong, powerful and/or influential women. They see these traits as contributing to the complexity of that woman's character and personality."

And he's right. According to Why Smart Men Marry Smart Women, 2005 Current Population Survey data shows, "Successful women in their 30s have options—and [women] in their late 30s are significantly more likely to walk down the aisle than their less accomplished sisters."

So there are good guys out there, now it's just a matter of finding them.

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