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Celebrity Divorces And Splits


This week's celebrity divorce rundown, haiku-style.

There have been a few high-profile splits and divorces in the last week. We thought we'd try a quick haiku for each one.

Jim liked the guys
He shared one with wife Dina
A private divorce
Check out more on the McGreevey private divorce proceedings at AP/Google… scandalous.

Like character Mork
Living with Robin is tough
Marsha is mum, though
Read more about Robin William's wife Marsha keeping their divorce civil at the San Francisco Gate. No scandal.

Milla Jovovich?
Nope. Aerosmith's daughter Liv
Split from spouse Royston
Read more about 's split from British rocker Royston Langdon at AMNY. Scandal? Probably not.

Ugh let's just call the Friday divorce haikus a noble experiment, never do it again, and hope Rosie O'Donnell doesn't sue us.


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