I'm a Type A Married to a Type B


I'm a Type A Married to a Type B
How a couple with opposing personalities makes it work.

One weekend, during our routine argument, he suggested a solution, surprisingly simple. "Listen," he said. "Let's set a timeframe. I'll get all my chores done by eight o'clock tonight. Okay? That way, you know I'll do them, and you won't get upset. And I'll get to enjoy the day without you nagging me."

Because I thought his solution was amazingly brilliant, I ignored the "nagging" comment and quickly agreed. He was true to his word, and that one simple suggestion made all the difference.

Over the years, we've developed a good balance. My organizational skills help us to remain on track with future goals and finances, and his more relaxed approach to life helps us to maintain the fun, spontaneous atmosphere that makes our marriage work. Plus, he makes the bed.

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