Hi, I'm Love. Have We Met?

Hi, I'm Love. Have We Met?

Spring = love on the brain.


It officially feels like spring. Everything is sprouting (okay, save Hillary Clinton's campaign, say the politicos, following her narrow win in Indiana but definitive loss in North Carolina in yesterday’s primaries).

Love, on the other hand, is back from a long winter's nap.

It's not only my friends, who spent last weekend meeting at least one or three new prospects, while others entertained (or, ahem, exercised) the idea of taking up with someone from the past. It's our single blogger Rajul's post on Monday about her sexy journalist self considering the unexpected advances of a gentlemanly, chauffeur-driven musician. It's ScarJo's possible engagement (breaking Woody Allen's and scores of other men's hearts). It might even be Jessica Simpson's engagement, too. Maybe.

Nowhere is the possibility of love more evident than in this essay, winner of the NYTimes' "Modern Love College Essay contest," which takes on the options-heavy, commitment-shy, ever-hopeful game of love in the 2000s. The young writer explores the notions of open relationships, non-monogamy and free love pitted against an unapologetic voice inside her that desires someone to stay -- and want to stay -- for good.

Even Milton Glaser's iconic "I Love NY" red heart campaign is back.

Is love actually in the air or has the season gone to my head?


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