Husband Takes Wife's Name

Husband Takes Wife's Name

Husband Takes Wife's Name

Husband Takes Wife's Name
Turns out, it’s a three YEAR process.

name changeEvery year, hundreds of thousands of women take their new husband's names. Not to say the process has become seamless, but it’s less time consuming or involved than filing your taxes. But what if a guy wants to take his wife's name? Common sense says it should be just as easy—but guess again.

According to, Michael Buday and Diana Bijon decided to just that, and it took a mere three years to make it official.


Says the article:
"We first recognized there might be a problem on the marriage application where there wasn't space for the groom to have a married name," Diana says.

The DMV also proved to be troublesome. In fact, it took the American Civil Liberties Union involvement to push through the red tape at the DMV and the Department of Health Services (where the two submitted the marriage license application).

With the divorce rate as is, it's amazing the couple was still married by the time the paperwork came through...

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