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Let the Block Parties Begin

Let the Block Parties Begin

A new site tracks down all the other singles in your 'hood.

The Star Tribune reported on a new web site that allows users to see just about everything they might want to know about a neighborhood’s inhabitants—including marital status. lists the number of singles, marrieds, and divorced in any given Zip Code, so if you’re in the market for more than just a house (relationship, perhaps?), the site will clue you in on the areas packed with others looking for love.

I mean, really. We can all be honest here. Does a single guy or girl ever want to be drowning in a sea of boring married couples with kids in tow? (I being one half of a boring married couple…)

Ingenious…in a fun, "I would never use this tool to actually decide where I would plunk down hundreds of thousands of dollars, but I’ve already checked out three neighborhoods…" kind of way, no?


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