Uber-Useful Dating Advice


Uber-Useful Dating Advice
One spurned guy offers some not-so-subtle pointers.

dateThe girls at TheFrisky.com are right on target this morning with “The Mind Of Man: Baggage That Will Blow A Second Date.” Actually, I guess it’s one of the guys at The Frisky. He has perfected the balance of honesty, humor—and totally calling girls on their bad behavior. Case in point, this second-date advice:

"Look, it’s only fair that if we’re feigning interest in your charming, if rambling, monologues about shoes, celebrity gossip, and that new woman at work who eats nothing but cashews and is always wearing something low cut AND SHE’S NOT EVEN WORKING JUST POKING PEOPLE ON FACEBOOK ALL DAY, then you can ask us questions about what we’re watching, listening to, thinking about. Would it hurt you to ask us about our NCAA brackets? No."

It’s so wrong, but oh so right.