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Brains Foil Orgasms


German study shows smart women have worse sex than less-educated ladies.

If you are a well-educated female, chances are you are less sexually satisfied than some of your less-educated counterparts, a recent German study claims .

According to British newspaper, The Sun, a survey of more than 2,000 women revealed 62% of those who had "completed their education" reported problems reaching an orgasm. Only 38% of less educated women had similar issues.

Hmmm. We're not sure what level of education the Brits were referencing, but it's possible that generally "smart" women's minds are occupied with, say, how to cure cancer or what the communication of the future will be like instead of her partner.

This study begs a different question: Why are half of these fräuleins, brainy or not, settling for so-so sex?


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