All In The Details

All In The Details

Last weekend, Fred and I went to visit my parents in Savannah—where we're getting married—and finalized a lot of the wedding details. We went to the baker, the florist, met with the DJ and had lunch with the minister. It was quite a full weekend.

While running around, I again thought that I wasn't cut out for this wedding planning stuff. I looked at Fred and said, "I wish we could just get married tomorrow." I don't like the details. Thinking about flowers and how I want the cake displayed is annoying to me.

My old roommate got engaged when I was living with her and in two weeks she had created an extensive scrapbook with cut-out magazine pictures of flowers, receptions, dresses— everything that she wants in her wedding. It was amazing. And it also made me feel like a bad bride. I had been engaged for 5 months at that point and had looked at maybe one wedding magazine.

But I also don't think that being obsessed with the details necessarily reflects how excited you are about the wedding. I can't wait to marry Fred; I just don't happen to care what kind of flowers I'm holding when I do it. I think some people get so caught up in the details that they miss the most important part of a wedding— committing your life to someone.

But I do have to admit there's one part of planning that I've been relishing—the honeymoon. We're putting a deposit down this week and we trying to pick between Turks & Caicos and The Mayan Riviera. Either one would be amazing so I'm not too worried about it. I just wish we could fast forward through the bouquets and DJ playlist and get to the beach where we can toast our mojitos and Fred can call me Mrs. Tull.


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