Portrait of an Open Marriage. Take Two.


Portrait of an Open Marriage. Take Two.
A husband and a girlfriend? An unconventional arrangement that works.

So, it only makes sense to me that some people would choose monogamy and others open relationships where only sex is involved and others polyamorous relationships where love plays a role as well. Science tells us that we're not a monogamous species. (See David Barash's The Myth of Monogamy if you want an expert's take.) Choosing non-monogamy seems to me just as valid as choosing monogamy. You know, I wouldn't dare prescribe my lifestyle or any lifestyle for that matter to anyone else. I only know what works for me, for now.

I have a husband and a girlfriend and I have plenty of love to give them both and I can say without a doubt that they both have plenty of love for me.



Jenny Block writes for a number of regional and national publications, including the Dallas Morning News and American Way. She also blogs regularly for huffingtonpost.com. Her essay "On Being Barbie" appeared in the anthology It's a Girl: Women Writers on Raising Daughters and her essay "Portrait of an Open Marriage," originally published in Tango magazine, is scheduled to appear in Rebecca Walker's upcoming anthology Walk This Way: Introducing the New American Family in the Fall of 2008. Her new book, Open: Love, Sex, and Life in an Open Marriage is due out June 1 from Seal Press.


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