The Dating Game


I've gone out with men—some good, some not so much—and I can generally hold my own when it comes to eyelash-batting. But sometimes, like on the subway, my inner schoolgirl shines and I have no idea how to handle myself in a respectable, adult manner.

This is made especially worse by the fact that the last time I was single, I was in college. Real-world dating and college dating are worlds apart and require different skill sets. In college, I met decent men in class and through friends, and I met "throwaway" guys at frat parties and bars. Most of the time, finding a date was as simple as leaving the house while wearing some mascara and a skirt.


But real-world dating is different. Long gone are the days of frat parties and red cups (although that's probably a good thing). Where the heck am I supposed to meet men in the real world? Bars are pretty much out—I may be new to this, but I know enough to realize that the "bars = throwaway dudes" rule still applies (then again, I've always believed in exceptions to the rules). I hear the workplace is the hot new singles scene, but none of the men in my office are eligible—or under 40, for that matter. As for friend referrals, most of my friends know all the same people I know. And beyond those options, I'd rather not spend my evenings in Starbucks hoping some cute, book-toting, music-loving bachelor will sweep me off my feet.

As for the subway, I think I'll hold off on trolling the underground for eligible men. Steve was nice enough, but if I had flirted back I would've had to keep pretending my name was Sarah. Suddenly that Starbucks option isn't sounding so bad.

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