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Putin Denies Engagement

Putin Denies Engagement

The Russian leader claims that there is no wedding in his near future.

Vladimir PutinLast week we mentioned a rumor about that Vladimir Putin (Russian President) may be engaged to ultra-flexible gymnast Alina Kabaeva. And now Putin is addressing those rumors. He said something about there being a great many women that he is linked to and Yahoo quoted him as saying, "There is a private life in which no one should interfere -- I've always had a low opinion of those with snotty noses and erotic fantasies who delve into the lives of others." Although it’s kind of mean and paints a beautiful mental picture, it’s not a denial.

And even if it were a straight-up denial, would you believe him? The guy was a KGB spy. The profession is all about lies, misdirection, and realpolitik (if there is such a thing). Puti (sic) is going to have to get up prett-y early in the morning to put one over on the old Russian media. Or just forbid them for printing stuff about his personal life. Or decapitate a few journalists as a message.

It’s weird that spies make good nonfiction writers when fiction means not true and nonfiction means true. And furthermore there are very few spies in the comedy business (notable exceptions: Austin Powers and Maxwell Smart). Which is weird because stuff that’s funny is seldom true. Because if it was, then the saying 'funny and true' wouldn't be a saying at all but more of a generally understood truism. In summary, fiction can be fun but the reference section is a bit more enlightening, Putin.



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