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Underdogs Unite


Hot geeks are taking over the media.

In the recent wake of the term “geek” becoming virtually synonymous with “stud”, it’s apparent that those meek, wallflower guys are all soon going to get their shine. Some fellas may not be as confident as a Versace model, but their charisma, style and sex appeal might be waiting to get unlocked by a woman who inspires them.

Underdogs coming out of their shell and prevailing over the cliché rich, handsome Fabio-type is no new concept, but it’s constantly reinvented in media – especially music. Check out my favorite new guilty pleasure music video, featuring an emerging artist (a former fashion stylist who’s ready to hop into the spotlight), O’Neal McKnight. After the Back to the Future cameo and the sequined Converse, you’ll never look at the coat-check guy the same.


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