Is Yours A "One Night Stand" Face?

Is Yours A "One Night Stand" Face?

Facial features reveal if someone's looking to play or stay.

Out of the two men pictured, one is interested in a long-term relationship while the other would rather just get in your pants. Can you guess which is which?

British university researchers surveyed 60 students to determine whether they were more interested in a relationship or a one night stand, then separated their images into two groups. The images of men interested in long-term love were all morphed into one composite image, the same with men looking for a quickie. (The process was repeated for the ladies).

When shown to more than 700 heterosexual subjects, the majority of both sexes were able to correctly label the face that was looking for fast love.

Male subjects tended to find the short-term female composite more attractive, and female subjects judged the short-term guy as appearing more "masculine" (the image on the right, above).

When it comes to deciphering whether someone is looking for hooking or a longer-term booking: go ahead, judge a man by his cover.

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