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Love Machine


Should a troublesome boyfriend be traded in for a lovable lil' robo-pet?

I'd safely assume that a vibrator would be a single gal's choice playmate, but I stand corrected. Sure, sexual satisfaction is fabulous, but what about the comfort and love of little pet to complete you?

What if that pet was a robotic dinosaur? Before you click this window closed and write me off as wonky, meet Pleo - the little fella that has gotten love from everyone from Julia Roberts to ABC's Nightline.

Pleo is this amazingly intuitive robotic dinosaur that made its way into many homes recently; it has sensory receptors and some type of inexplicable (I'm no rocket scientist) manner of impersonating a loving pet/companion minus the unpleasant responsibilities.

With the busy, professional playerette's lifestyle these days, who's got time to poop-scoop anyway?


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