Video: Rock Of Love Has A Winner…

Video: Rock Of Love Has A Winner…

Bret Michaels has made up his mind and has chosen a winner.

And it’s not anyone that watched. Bret Michaels has just wrapped another season of Rock Of Love. This time around he chose Ambre Lake over Daisy de la Hoya. We’ll see if this choice holds up or if he made a mistake like last season and will have to rectify it with a third show. Last season he also chose the more level-headed gal, Jes Rickleff, over the party animal, Heather Caldwell. Has the Poison frontman turned over a new leaf? Is he sick of the crazy? Is he just showing fans that he’s multidimensional? Did you know that if you Google 'Poison' that the band shows up first? Amazing. We’ve really got nothing else to say about this ridiculous show, so we’ll just let this Saturday Night Live sketch do the talking for us, jealous?


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