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Matchmaking 2.0


These days, hooking up your friends is one click away.

Do you remember that dating show, Love Connection, from the '80s? The audience would vote on the best match for the love-hungry contestant, and the results would jump onto the screen after a quick tally.

Venture Beat introduced us to, the 21st-century version of Love Connection. Sort of. The web site has all the usual functions of an online dating site, plus offering its users the capability to make matches. Like total strangers. Defining your destiny.

Okay, so it's not that extreme, but we must say it has "traumatic" written all over it. Most likely, you'll find a percentage slapped onto your picture when matched with potential dates. Just be forewarned: Unfavorable numbers can have a staggering effect on the ego, so think "thick-skinned" for this one…


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