Michael C. Hall Dating TV Sister

Michael C. Hall Dating TV Sister

TV incest is just weird, we should ask that it be stopped.

As you may have remembered from our reaction to the Robert Iler – Jamie-Lynn Sigler thing, we find the idea of TV siblings dating quite distasteful. So, we were a little leery when we read in People that Michael C. Hall is dating Jennifer Carpenter. The pair plays brother and sister Dexter and Deb Morgan on ShowTime’s Dexter.

Sure, TV incest is not as off-putting as actual incest but still is something to be avoided to keep fans from being confused and possibly vomiting. Sure, Dexter is adopted on the show but still, gross. Which reminds us of another primetime plot angle, on Brothers And Sisters a brother and half-sister (Dave Annable and Emily VanCamp, respectively) are rumored to hook up in the post-strike part of this season. They’re dating in real life and their characters may not actually be related. Why is this such a problem? Lack of an imagination on our part? Inability to separate fact from fantasy, again on our part? And why do we keep secretly hoping that George Michael and Maeby get together on Arrested Development? It could be worse, at least they know they’re not supposed be together unlike twins separated at birth.


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