A Bridal Shop For Pregnant Women

A Bridal Shop For Pregnant Women
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A West London woman decided to exploit a niche bridal market.

You would think that when having a child out-of-wedlock was more of a taboo, someone would have started this shop, guess not. A woman in West London ran into a problem while shopping for a dress while she was knocked up; while other people saw a problem, Tracey Wilkinson saw an opportunity. Presumably after her wedding (and possibly baby) Wilkinson started The Expectant Bride.

Her dresses are designed to compliment (or complement, if you like) a growing tummy and allow for last minute alterations. We’re guessing ties and elastic are prominently involved. These dresses all fall in the standard range of prices $350 to $2,500 (though if Target can have Isaac Mizrahi wedding gowns, why can’t The Expectant Bride?) We wonder if all of the dresses there are off-white and if they sell matching shotguns.

Find out more at The Expectant Bride (note: they may be having a traffic surge, it’s touch-and-go getting on).


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