Aussie Man Has Daughter With His Daughter

Aussie Man Has Daughter With His Daughter

Estranged father has even stranger relationship with daughter.

There aren't really words to describe this scenario, but we will try. An Australian man went to jail 40 years ago and was divorced by his wife. But before divorcing his wife, he made a baby with her. Flash forward to a couple of years back. This daughter and father meet up (we’ll call them John Deaves and Jenny Deaves, because those are their names) and sparks fly. They were incredibly physically attracted to each other despite the 20-year difference in age and, you know, the father-daughter relationship.

So, things are heating up between the 2 and they have a child. Evidently, this child dies of congenital heart problems. Then they decide to try for another one and she comes out healthy. But then they plead guilty to incest and are banned from sexual contact. That seems like it might be tough to enforce. The Guardian reports that these two want to be recognized as any regular old couple. We’re pretty sure that you give up some rights to ‘normal treatment’ when you cross really the only remaining taboo. Seriously, no reasonable person gets that worked up about multi-ethnic families anymore, the different side of the tracks thing typically works out, an Oregon man is pregnant, and the world hasn’t crashed into the sun. Really the only taboos are grownups having sex with kids and incest. Sure, it’s funny to say, “Why roam when you can get it at home?” or “Incest is the best, put your sister to the test,” but it’s not safe and it’s gross and it’s weird. We’re not sure if this is worse or better than a pair of twins separated at birth later getting married. They’re both Crying Game-vomit profusely, burn your clothes in a trashcan, and crying yourself to sleep in a cold shower bad. We're willing to bet that Australia is probably considering the tradition of father-daughter events and banning all DH Lawrence novels just to avoid temptation.


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